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Club's Choice places a customer service call to all of its customers directly after the sale.

President's Message

Hello Folks!! My name is Richard McHugh, Founder, and President of Club’s Choice Fundraising. Ever since its establishment in 1984, Club’s Choice Fundraising, with uncompromising integrity and under the motto of “Better Products, Better Services” has strived to create products and services that provide value to our customers. Club’s Choice Fundraising is committed to leveraging its strength in manufacturing, transportation, warehousing, and product development by using technology to transform our industry. Club’s Choice Fundraising uses innovation and creativity but relies heavily upon our experienced team of Professionals to create “Better Products, Better Services” for our customers.

You have my word that “The Team of Choice” will deliver the most accurate processing, pre-packing, on time delivery experience, along with the most profit for your organization. Come, and experience “The Team of Choice” for your Fundraising needs!!

Richard W. McHugh

Clubs Choice Fundraising


What our customers are saying...

Club's Choice Fundraising is great and so well organized with the prepack feature. Mistakes are rare.

Meg - Piqua High School

It was a very easy fundraiser--so simple to do.

Patricia - Holy Spirit School

Excellent job on reports. The delivery driver service was excellent and the delivery itself went perfectly.

Kathy - Gingerbread Daycare

Our sales rep was very personable and flexible. The fundraiser was great, easy, and organized.

Jackie - John R. Beatty Elementary