SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards

Earn up to $5000 in Sage Tuition points annually towards tuition to private colleges and universities.

Earn SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards

Tuition Rewards® is a unique guaranteed tuition discounts program accepted at over 400 private colleges and universities. Each Tuition Rewards Point represents a guaranteed minimum discount equivalent to one dollar, with a maximum discount of up to one year’s tuition, spread equally over 4 years of full-time undergraduate education. Tuition Rewards has been helping families secure the best possible private college education for over a quarter of a century, and are even transferable within your family.

Start Saving for College TODAY!

  • Join The Clubhouse (you are required to join/register to start earning points)
    • The Clubhouse is a secure and private fundraising site! It streamlines communication and calculates the Tuition Rewards Points you earn from this,and future Club’s Choice fundraisers. Your savings grows with your child, as a first grader can earn 60,000 Tuition Rewards Points by high school graduation!
  • Send 10 Messages from Your Clubhouse Page (required before earning addional points)
    • Earn 500 Tuition Rewards Points
  • Sell 10 (or more) Club’s Choice Items
    • Earn an additional 750 Tuition Reward Points *That’s 1,250 Total Points!
  • Sell 20 (or more) Club’s Choice Items
    • Earn an additional 1,250 Tuition Reward Points! *That’s 2,500 Total Points!

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