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Below are many of the questions we often hear from customers.

Table of Contents

Magazine Order Questions


Question: I received the rest of my items but did not receive my magazine?
Answer: You would have received a magazine voucher included in the items at your delivery. The voucher will have a list of magazines available, based on the dollar value stated on the voucher. Select the magazine of your choice, enter the information and send on line, or mail in your voucher. Your magazine will be sent directly to the address you supplied.

*** If you are missing a voucher, please contact the seller who sold you your items, often times they do not realize the voucher is a paper/ post card like item. If you are a seller who is missing a voucher, please check your boxes thoroughly; remember the voucher is a paper/post card type item. If you still do not have voucher, you may contact us through our “Customer Assistance” form located under “Contact Us” at the top of this page.

Question: I already ordered my magazine using the voucher, but still have not received my magazine, what do I do?
Answer: For assistance with your magazine order, please use the contact information below.

Magazine Customer Service
7 AM to 12 AM EST M-F
8:30 AM to 7 PM Saturday

Or write to:
Magazine Customer Service
P.O. Box 62120
Tampa, FL 33662-2120

Cookies, Pizza, and Baking Questions

Question: At what temperature, and for how long do I bake my Club’s Choice cookies? Also how do I store them?
Answer: Cookies may be cooked from frozen or thawed state. Preheat oven (conventional) to 350*-375*. Space cookie pucks two inches apart. Bake until lightly browned, 10 to 12 minutes. Allow cookies to cool before removing. Do not spray pan! Cookies may be stored in refrigerator for up to two weeks, and then returned to freezer. Cookies can be enjoyed up to one year with freezer storage, or two weeks with refrigerator storage.
*Special instructions for Caramel Apple Cookie Dough
For best results:
- Use parchment paper or cooking spray
- Preheat oven to 325 degrees F
- Bake 12 to 16 minutes
- Let cool for 5 minutes in pan before removing

Question: Where can I get nutrition and allergy information?
Answer: At the top of this page you can hoover over the “ Programs” tab. You will get a drop down of different options, click on the "Nutritionals". Scroll down to find the item you are looking for and click on the image. This will bring up the nutritional and allergen information.

Question: Is your cookie dough kosher?
Answer: Yes

Question: Can I eat my cookie dough raw?
Answer: Actually YES!! Everything is pasteurized.

Selling, Payment, and Tax Questions

Question: How do I get more copies of the brochure I have?
Answer: Here on our website, you can view and print any of our brochures. You would want to click on the “Brochures” or “Order Online” tab at the top of this page, and then simply find the brochure you are using. You may also contact the school or organization to see if they have extras. If you are still unable to find the brochure you need, you may contact us through our “Customer Assistance” form under “Contact Us” at the top of this page. We can e-mail or fax you a copy.

Question: How do I get more order forms?
Answer: On the “Home” page of our website, you can obtain an order form and print it. This is located at the bottom right hand corner of the “Home” page. Click on “Download Order Form PDF”. This will allow you to view and print as many order forms as you like.

Question: Whom do I make my check out to?
Answer: You want to make your check out to the school or group you are working with. (ex. East Elementary or Bob’s Bowling)

Question: Do I have to include and collect sales tax for my orders; there is a column for it on my order form?
Answer: Not every school/group has to pay sales taxes. There are several factors in determining who pays sales tax. Sales tax laws vary by state, group size, location, and type of business. The best way to find out if you need to include sales tax is to contact your school/group. The person in charge of finances would be the best to speak with, but most school/groups know their tax status (ex. exempt).

Online Ordering Questions

Question: What is my school code, and where do I find it?
Answer: This code ensures proper credit for on line sales to the school or group, or seller.

  • 1. A lot of schools or groups enclose a letter with the brochure and order form. This letter usually has a section explaining online ordering. The school code is usually located within the section near the bottom of the letter.
  • 2. You may also contact the person in charge of the fundraiser (ex. PTO President, Coach, etc.)
  • 3. You may contact us through our “Customer Assistance” form under “Contact Us” at the top of this page.

Question: Do online orders ship directly to the customers or to the school/group?
Answer: Our online orders are shipped directly to the customer!

Question: Can I order frozen food online?
Answer: Select bulk pack frozen food items are available online including cookie dough, Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizzas, Clubs famous Cheesy Garlic Bread and Cinnabon Gooey Bites. It is our Premier Choice line.

Question: Can I order out of any brochure online, even though I only received one or two brochures from my school/group?
Answer: You may order any non-frozen products from our online store! Your seller and school/group will receive full credit towards their sales and prizes.

Question: Can I order items online that are not in my brochure, and write them on my paper order form?
Answer: No, the only way to order items that are not in your brochure is by ordering online. You are not able to order items online and write them on your paper order form. This is the reason we do not list our item numbers online.

Question: I put my credit/debit card information in, why is it not accepting my order?
Answer: Check to make sure you have not included spaces or dashes when entering your card number. This is usually the problem. If you change this and still can’t order. Contact us through our “Customer Assistance” form under “Contact Us” at the top of this page.

Question: Do you have free shipping for online orders?
Answer: Yes we do!! You would have to order a minimum of $75 worth of items to get free shipping. Otherwise there is a reasonable charge for shipping all other items. Many customers have suggested group ordering with multiple family, friends or co-workers to avoid this cost, and to encourage more online orders.

Order Form Questions

Question: Where can I get a copy of my order form?
Answer: There are a few ways you may be able to get your order form. This depends on how the order forms were submitted to us. Here are your options for obtaining a copy of the order form.

  • 1. At the very bottom of most “Pack Slips” (The slip that came with your delivery, and details the items and quantity) there is a section that says “To View Order Form”. You will want to go to this website, and enter in the code. *This site may not have all order forms!
  • 2. If you could not find your form on the website, then you may contact the chairperson for your school or group. The chairperson would be the person in charge of the fundraiser (ex. Principal, PTO President, Coach, etc.). The chairperson should have a copy for their records.
  • 3. Contact us. You may contact us through our “Customer Assistance” form located under “Contact Us” at the top of this page. If we have your order form on file, then we can send a copy through e-mail, fax or mail.

Prize Questions

Question: The prize brochure we have states we need to select a prize, where do we select a prize?
Answer: The prize or award selection is located on your order form. We have two different types of order forms, so it may be located in different places. On one of our orders forms it states “Award” next to the sellers phone number section. You would fill your prize choice in here. On our other order form there is a “Prize Selection” section located at the top right hand corner of the page. You would fill your prize choice in here.

**We use several prize brochures, not all of them have a prize choice. Some automatically determine prize by number of items sold.

Question: Why did my seller not get a prize? We received our delivery of items today, but no prize(s)!
Answer: Please contact your group to determine if they have a "special day" to distribute prizes or rewards.***

***Many schools/groups do special Magic Show, BMX, Limo Ride, Pizza Party’s, Money Box Events, etc. These events are often at a later date due to scheduling. You would want to contact the school/group to find out specific dates of these events.

Starting a Fundraiser Questions

Question: How do I start a fundraiser, and where do I get information on this?
Answer: Fill out our Contact Form and one of our representatives in your area will contact you for additional information. Also, see our Step by Step walk-through and instructions for more information.

Chairperson/ Head of Sale Questions

Question: I have lost my return envelope, where do I send my completed order forms and how?
Answer: It is very important to make copies of your order forms before sending them! Please make sure to seal and tape your envelope, so it does not tear open!! Also when sending order forms, you want to write your school/group code on the outside, so we know whom they are for. You can get this code on any of your contract documents or by contacting customer service. You cannot fax or e-mail order forms to us directly, unless you have an arrangement made with your Rep. You can use any envelope and send the order forms in any method you desire (ex. mail, FED EX) to:
Order Processing
3421 Truax Court
Eau Claire, WI 54703

Question: How do I enter late orders, and how late can I enter them?

  • 2. Visit our website at
  • 3. Click on “CHAIRPERSON LOGIN” under the word “LOGIN” at the top right corner of our homepage.
  • 4. Enter your “CHAIRPERSON ID”__________, and then enter your “PASSWORD”_________. If you do not have this information, please contact you Sales Rep or Customer Service.
  • 5. The last “ACTIVITY” listed will be “VIEW/ENTER LATE ORDERS”, click on the word “CLICK”.
  • 6. This will bring up a page with your Customer Information. Find the “ADD STUDENT” button and click to begin.
  • 7. Please enter the student’s first and last name along with the prize information if you have it. Then enter the ITEM NUMBER and the QUANTITY of each item sold for that student.
  • 8. After all items have been entered for that student click on the “FINISH” button to complete the late order for this student.
  • 9. If you have another student’s order please click the “ADD STUDENT” button and repeat the process for each late order that you have.
  • 10. If you are finished entering orders simply click on the “EXIT” button.

Please remember that you may enter these late orders one at a time or all at once, one a day, or several a day, or as often as you need up until 13 days prior to the delivery date. All entered late orders will be included with the original delivery and will be included in the reports that you receive.

Value Bundles and Chef Guy Pizza Deals

Question: How many prize points do we get awarded for our Value Bundle and Chef Guy Pizza deals?

2pk Chef Guy Pizza Deal (Extra Cheese or Pepperoni): 2 points
12pk Chef Guy Pizza Deal (Extra Cheese or Pepperoni): 12 points
Pizza Value Pack: 3 Points
4lb Variety Cookie Dough Pack: 1 Point

Question: What items are included in my Value Bundle?

Pizza Value Bundle: (1) #897-Premium Deluxe Pizza
(1) #896-Sausage & Pepperoni Pizza
(1) #898-Garlic Chicken Alfredo Pizza
(1) #915-Pizza Sticks (FREE ITEM)

Easy Fundraising

  • No Money Up Front.
  • Pre-packed product by seller.
  • Customized reports.
  • Customized letters and thank-you notes.
  • Online ordering.
  • Email selling tool.

Most Profitable

  • Ordering.
  • Free Pre-Pack per Seller.
  • Free Prize Program.
  • Free Brochures.
  • School Grants Available.
  • Invoice At Delivery.