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Pizza Fundraising

Whats for dinner?

Pizza is one of our most popular fundraisers because almost every American kid loves pizza. A recent Gallup poll found that kids ages between 2 and 11 prefer pizza over all other food groups for lunch & dinner.

Our pizzas are made and tested in our own factory and use real cheese and our special homemade sauces. Each pizza is loaded with toppings and packaged for maximum freshness. We guarantee our food; we let you try our products before you start a fundraiser with us.

We have multiple Pizza Fundraising brochures throughout the year. Our most popular pizza fundraiser uses our Today's Favorites brochure. Nutrition & ingredient information for our pizza's and other food products can be found at our Nutrition & Ingredients Center.

Fun Pizza Facts

  • October is pizza month
  • Americans consume about 100 acres of pizza per day ... or 350 slices per second
  • There are over 61,000 pizzerias in the United States
  • Every man, woman, & child in America eats an average of 46 slices(23 lbs) of pizza a year.
  • Over 3 billion pizzas sold in the United States annually
  • The most popular ethnic food in the United States is Italian
  • Pepperoni is America’s favorite topping (36% of all pizza ordered)
  • Modern pizza was born in 1889 when Don Raffaele Esposito created the “Margherita Pizza” made with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese (water buffalo milk) and basil. This was in honor of Queen Margherita Jenesa Giovanni.
  • 62% of Americans prefer meat toppings while 38% vegetarian.

Easy Fundraising

  • No Money Up Front.
  • Pre-packed product by seller.
  • Customized reports.
  • Customized letters and thank-you notes.
  • Online ordering.
  • Email selling tool.

Most Profitable

  • Ordering.
  • Free Pre-Pack per Seller.
  • Free Prize Program.
  • Free Brochures.
  • School Grants Available.
  • Invoice At Delivery.