Join the Clubhouse (Seller Registration) – Each seller enters information about themselves and the fundraiser they are doing. Sellers must be registered in order to participate in special promotional contests. Once the seller is registered, they can participate in sending emails and/or text messages to family and friends regarding their fundraiser. Registration is easy! Click on “Join the Clubhouse”. Complete the required info* and you are registered! If you are already registered, click on “Go To My Clubhouse”.

*(Don’t worry Mom and Dad, we don’t share this information with anyone. The information is used for customer service purposes only.)


  • Spring Creek

    Spring Creek

    Spring Creek

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  • Bakery Fresh Cookies

    Bakery Fresh Cookies

    Our amazing cookies are made with our proprietary recipes utilizing the best ingredients possible for a cookie that bakes and tastes just like Grandma used to make each and every time.

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  • Best In Class

    Best In Class

    Our cookie dough program featuring the well known Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough. You will know it the second you taste one. Experience for yourself why people ask for them by name.

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  • Cookie Dough And More

    Cookie Dough And More

    Our frozen food shopper featuring Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough, Auntie Anne’s Pretzels and Club’s Choice pizzas.

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  • White Gold Popcorn

    White Gold Popcorn

    Eight delicious specialty popcorn flavors featuring our signature White Gold which is fluffy popcorn dipped in white fudge with almonds.

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  • Instant Favorites

    Instant Favorites

    Instant Favorites

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  • Pantry Favorites

    Pantry Favorites

    Pantry Favorites

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  • Art In Nature

    Art In Nature

    Art In Nature

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  • The Wholesale Club

    The Wholesale Club

    A great collection of family sized offerings featuring our top sellers, chocolate chip cookie dough, garlic cheese bread and some great convenience foods perfect for the entire family.

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  • Signature Chocolates

    Signature Chocolates

    A fantastic collection of $1 and $2 chocolate bar products, as well as other candies!

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Easy Fundraising

  • No Money Up Front.
  • Pre-packed product by seller.
  • Customized reports.
  • Customized letters and thank-you notes.
  • Online ordering.
  • Email selling tool.

Most Profitable

  • Ordering.
  • Free Pre-Pack per Seller.
  • Free Prize Program.
  • Free Brochures.
  • School Grants Available.
  • Invoice At Delivery.